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MBA Programs

The University of Guelph MBA applies contemporary management concepts and strategies to industries where the University has distinctive capability. Upon admission, participants choose to concentrate their MBA studies in one of three broad industry groups: Food and Agribusiness Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management or Sustainable Commerce. The University of Guelph MBA program includes a core group of courses that build and develop key managerial skills, and specialization courses that allow participants to apply concepts and skills to management situations in a particular sector. Case studies are widely used. Participants complete their program with a Major Research Project or by taking two additional online courses.

The MBA is designed to be flexible enough to allow participants to develop their managerial potential and academic standing without having to interrupt their careers. The innovative and interactive online learning experience is enhanced by three brief, intensive, in-classroom courses that provide participants and faculty with the opportunity for face-to-face interaction. The program begins annually in May and can be completed within two years.

Program Features:

  • Accessibility & Flexibility
    The program is uniquely designed and delivered. Leading-edge interactive technology provides students with unparalleled flexibility and accessibility.
  • Managerial Development
    The MBA provides students with the relevant skills and knowledge to move their careers forward in an increasingly competitive global environment.
  • Networking
    The diversity of student representation provides an invaluable opportunity for students to network with others within and across industries.

Why the MBA is for you

As a participant in the program you will:

  • Integrate community, ethics and sustainability with competitive strategy
  • Develop your managerial skills and competencies through our comprehensive program of theoretical study backed by practical experience and analysis
  • Study management that is relevant to executives in the hospitality, tourism, food, agribusiness and related industries focusing on relevant industry issues
  • Gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses thereby allowing you to draw more effectively on your managerial abilities
  • Advance your management academic standing with an electronic learning format that is flexible enough to accommodate busy people