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MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management

As a leading research institution with specialized professional programs, the University of Guelph offers a unique environment for learning and living. For 150 years, the University of Guelph has been committed to studying how to improve food production, processing and delivery. Our expertise adds value to the Canadian food industry and benefits farmers worldwide so we can produce more, safer foods using fewer resources. The Guelph Online MBA is designed so that full time working Executives can enhance their management potential without having to interrupt their careers with the delivery of the program being offered in an innovative hybrid format including short residential sessions combined with interactive online education.

MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management

In collaboration with the University of Guelph's School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management ( the College of Business and Economics Executive Programs Office has been offering an Online MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management since June 2000. The School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management has a 45 - year legacy of providing an exceptional student experience in careers for an industry that is exciting, dynamic and global.

The University of Guelph's Online Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA addresses an area of educational and economic importance in Canada and abroad. No other comparable program exists within Ontario, and there are only a handful of programs that have some components of Guelph's industry and management coverage elsewhere in the country.

The Guelph MBA since its inception in 1992 offers MBA Alumni who are Food and Tourism Executives supporting rewarding careers and senior management positions and are committed to the University of Guelph's vision of Changing Lives, Improving Life. The University of Guelph's MBA builds on the research interests of core faculty, along with institutional strengths and partnerships, and uses them to provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment for students. As a business school, our vision is to develop and be Leaders for a Sustainable World.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Specialized Course Information

HTM Marketing Strategy
Analysis and application of marketing foundations through integration of marketing variables with real-world situations and in-depth analysis of strategic marketing issues.

Managing Service Quality
A holistic and interdisciplinary approach is used to explore the principles of service management. The course will enhance participants' understanding of what actually constitutes quality, the nature of service, and strategies for improving it.

Revenue Management
This course discusses revenue maximization strategies and tactics that improve the profitability of businesses that work in fixed capacity environments, face time-varied demand, their product is homogeneous and their cost structure reflects a high proportion of fixed and a low proportion of variable cost items.

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